one-time 45 minute video or phone call

Divine Guidance Calls with
Stephanie DelaRose

Need guidance with a relationship, challenging situation, business decision, life transition, or aligning to your soul purpose?

I am here to help you find clarity and forward motion, to restore your confidence and connection to your higher self and to our shared Divine Source.

My intention is that you feel safe and connected while receiving clarity and guidance for your particular situation. I want to help soothe your spirit and find connection.

These calls are nurturing, clarifying, and supportive. I have a strong ability to see into people, guide them, and bring out the best in them.

I will…

  • help you to choose the most aligned path for your soul design and purpose
  • tap into my psychic gifts for guidance
  • reflect your highest potential back to you
  • help you to align your energy to the innate desires of your soul
  • coach you into clarity
  • offer intuitive wisdom related to your situation

With the intention of helping you…

  • see beyond the limitations of your current situation and into the higher realms of your potential
  • see & move through blocks, fear, old stories and limiting beliefs
  • release what is no longer serving you
  • reclaim your confidence and restore your sense of empowerment
  • understand and claim your soul desires so they can begin to manifest
  • remember your role as a powerful creator
  • connect with and ground into an inspired vision for your life with clear next steps

When we are working together, I’m your coach and cheerleader, spiritual confidant and intuitive guide.

general format:

  • Opening meditation - prayer for guidance
  • Check-in & review challenge
  • Coaching & channeling
  • Closing meditation - prayer for gratitude

Dear Stephanie! I wanted to let you know that since our call, I am feeling well and whole again. I am so grateful for our time together and for your divine guidance and support while I was navigating such darkness. Your psychic senses, wisdom, and coaching helped me to come home to myself again. Thank you!

~Eric J.

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If the idea of booking a session with me sparks feelings such as curiosity, excitement, peace or relief, then your heart and soul are trying to lead you towards a session. Let’s get on a call together!

    I can't wait to meet with you!


    Stephanie DelaRose